Transparency First is the core of Signage Times

Transparency First is the core of Signage Times

Hey kapil, there is some urgent branding work to be done in gurgaon, is this possible I'm from chennai??

It was september- October I got this call

Me:- OK, share the details will see what is in that scope if it would be possible to do will do it, otherwise we will simply say no. will not waste your time.


Cx:- shared details on mail.
Me:- my colleague is coordinating.
(Job got done in given timeline, it was a small job of 7 or 8k)

Cx:- Hey kapil, im in Delhi I wanna meet you for some help.
There was someone in Delhi who has done some short of fraud with us, He had taken advance of more then 2.5 lakh and now not giving us umbrellas and canopy.

Me:- I was a bit shocked. This is what I heard after a long time.

(we met, I tried to understand the situation and even spoke to that person who was not responding to him)

The person he travelled all the way from Chennai to delhi, I saw him requesting very hard to each and everyone on the streets of delhi, from police to local authorities to chase that vendor.
He visited given addresses which were there on websites also, but nothing was found.

After standing in a pahargunj hotel for some 7 to 10 days of time he left back to Chennai.
I saw the dark side of industry also, at the time when he was in need of company and colleagues' support, he was not getting that, he was crying here and there, and at that time there was someone in his family who was hospitalized. But his company was forcing him to bring back the advance money, which was released to the vendor on his request.

I m sorry, I also could not help him, not at all.

I want to know from you, was all this his own mistake?
If vendors do such fraud, is it all the responsibility of the vendor management guys only?

This entire incident forced me to think about the system in which this advertising industry functions.
which is why Signage Times exists in the market.

Signage Times कितना काम करते हैं, कर सकते हैं, हमारी सीमाएं क्या हैं, हम इसे जानते हैं, हम कभी भी ऐसा कोई वादा नहीं करते जो हमारी क्षमता से परे हो।

I wanna say to all my signage industry colleagues yaro जिंदगी बड़ी खुबसूरत है, बस इसे ईमानदारी से जीने की कोशिश करो, पैसा आएगा और यह आपकी उम्मीद से ज्यादा आएगा। लेकिन नैतिकता से समझौता मत कीजिए, मूल्यों से समझौता मत कीजिए।

Due to some of these frauds, customers hesitate to believe in signage vendors.

Signage Times we are all about Transparency, we live in original version of ourselves, there is nothing to hide at all.

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